Coronavirus Deadly Impact on Humans

It’s not hidden at all how the coronavirus has affected the world. It is not restricted to one city, country, but the whole world and Researchers are working day and night to find the cure for this deadly virus. Few countries claimed that they had discovered it but how far it is working is still unknown. Cases of Covid-19 are increasing day by day, and the top ten badly affected countries are the USA, India, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, South Africa. The graph of cases may increase or decrease in the future if the people follow the guidelines as per the World Health Organization (WHO);


1. Maintain at least 1 meter of distance with others whether they are affected or not because you can’t predict coronavirus’s initial stage. Maintain even more distance when you are indoor.

2. Do not touch your face, eyes, nose at any cost without washing or sanitizing your hands.

3. While stepping out, you must put on your mask while you return.

4. Clean your hands before and after wearing your mask.

5. Make sure to cover your mouth, nose, and chin properly.

6. While talking, doesn’t put your mask down.

7. Avoid Gatherings and indoor areas.


Most important is eating healthily, do exercises, maintain social distance, cover your face while sneezing with a hanky; if not available, use your elbow.


Don’t panic at all, follow the safety guidelines, and stay at home.


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