Other Sessions

  1. Dental Nursing
  2. Pulmonary and Respiratory Nursing
  3. Dermatology and Cosmetic Nurses
  4. Vascular and Surgical Nursing
  5. Nephrology and Urology Nursing
  6. Nursing - Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  7. Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing
  8. Radiology & Imaging Nursing
  9. Gastrointestinal and Endoscopy Nursing
  10. Dental Nursing
  11. Pulmonary and Respiratory Nursing
  12. Dermatology and Cosmetic Nurses
  13. Vascular and Surgical Nursing
  14. Nephrology and Urology Nursing
  15. Nursing - Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  16. Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing
  17. Radiology & Imaging Nursing
  18. Gastrointestinal and Endoscopy Nursing
  19. Forensic Nursing
  20. Transcultural Nursing
  21. Otorhinolaryngology and Opthalmic Nursing
  22. Transcultural Nursing
  23. Otorhinolaryngology and Opthalmic Nursing


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    October 19-20, 2020

    28th World Congress on Nursing Care

    Prague, Czech Republic
    October 19-20, 2020

    21st World Submit on Oncology and Radiology

    Vienna, Austria
    October 19-20, 2020

    MedTech & Expo

    Beijing, China
    October 19-20, 2020

    2nd Annual Midwifery and Pediatric Nursing Conference

    Helsinki, Finland
    October 21-22, 2020

    30th World Congress on Nursing and Nursing Care

    Singapore City, Singapore
    October 21-22, 2020

    26th World Nursing & Nurse Practitioner Conference

    Bangkok, Thailand
    October 21-22, 2020

    International Conference on Patient Care and Nursing

    Bangkok, Thailand
    October 21-22, 2020

    23rd World Nursing Education Conference

    Brussels, Belgium
    October 28-29, 2020

    3rd International Conference on Glycobiology

    Dubai, UAE
    October 30-31, 2020

    Global Summit on Nursing Practice

    Vancouver, Canada
    November 02-03, 2020

    37th Global Psychiatry and Mental Health Conference

    Rome, Italy
    November 09-10, 2020

    3rd World Summit on Neonatology Nursing and Primary Health Care

    Prague, Czech Republic
    November 11-12, 2020

    30th Asia Pacific Nursing Care Congress

    Tokyo, Japan
    November 16-17, 2020

    Asian Global Nursing Summit

    Kyoto, Japan
    November 18-19, 2020

    9th International Conference on Public Health and Nursing

    Singapore City, Singapore
    Nov 19-20, 2020

    World Congress on Breast Cancer

    Berlin, Germany
    November 23-24, 2020

    Global Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    November 25-26, 2020

    4th World Summit on Cancer Science and Oncology

    Bali, Indonesia
    December 04-05, 2020

    22nd Global Nursing Education, And Nursing Technology

    Toronto, Canada
    December 04-05, 2020

    5th World Nursing Education & Nursing Practice

    Toronto, Canada
    December 09-10, 2020

    32nd World Congress on Pediatric Nursing

    Paris, France
    March 24-25, 2021

    Worldwide Forum on Otolaryngology and ENT Surgery

    Paris, France
    March 29-30, 2021

    52nd International Conference on Nursing & Primary Healthcare

    Prague, Czech Republic
    March 29-30, 2021

    40th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference

    Prague, Czech Republic
    April 26-27, 2021

    51st World Congress on Advanced Nursing Research

    Vienna, Austria
    May 24-25, 2021

    22stInternational Conference on Clinical Nursing and Practice

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    August 23-24, 2021

    8th International Conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics

    Frankfurt, Germany
    August 23-24, 2021

    52nd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference

    Vienna, Austria
    September 10-11, 2021

    58th World Meet on Nursing & Nursing Practice

    Tokyo, Japan
    September 16-17, 2021

    World Congress on Nursing Research & Practice

    Tokyo, Japan
    November 03-04, 2021

    34th World Congress on Advance Nursing Practice

    Paris, France

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